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Who We Are

Our goal is to create a sense of stewardship for the land we live on by exploring local ecosystems and igniting a love of nature.

Mother - Daughter Duo

Hannah Capannari

Animals, nature, teaching....that's what I love.  I am so excited about teaching these outdoor nature classes to kids in the Cincinnati area.  I have 15+ years of experience working with kids in both outdoor and indoor settings. 


My teaching philosophy is more about encouraging kids to think for themselves rather than telling them what to think.   I find nature to be full of surprises and just so cool.  I can't wait to explore all the wonder of nature with the kids.

A little about my background:


Growing up being home schooled gave me the time to follow my passions.  I was very active in 4-H, doing many types of projects but especially horse and dog projects.  I have remained active in 4-H, now as a club advisor, dog program coordinator and horse program coordinator.

At 14 I started teaching children to ski at Perfect North Slopes.  That's when I discovered my love for teaching.  At 16 I began teaching horseback riding lessons.  At 19 I started running the 4-H dog program training sessions.  And I continue to teach skiing each winter.  


I spent four fun-filled summers working as a camp counselor; one year for a teen camp in Pennsylvania and three years at a day camp outside of Boulder, Colorado.  As a camp counselor I learned how to manage groups of children and how to combine fun and learning. 

My teaching experience increased as part of my employment in the Education Department at both the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden and at the Cincinnati Museum Center,  At the zoo I teach Zoo Troop classes and have worked as an Assistant Coordinator for summer Zoo Camp.  At the museum I taught many subjects through Programs on Wheels at local schools as well as many on site programs.

I have degrees from Hocking College in Natural and Historical Interpretation, Equine Complementary Therapies, and Wilderness Horsemanship.

Cindy Capannari

I've always wanted to run a business but also wanted a partner to do it with.  Through homeschooling and 4-H, Hannah and I discovered we work very well as a team.  

Many years ago we got the idea to someday have an educational farm so we could combine many of the wonderful experiences from both 4-H and homeschooling and share them with kids and families in our community.  These nature classes are our first step towards that goal and I'm so excited to share them.

A little about my background:

I have a degree from Indiana University in Geology with a Certificate in Environmental Science.  I have always been interested in nature and the environment.  After many years of working in the environmental consulting industry, I retired from my career to be a stay-at-home mom.  

That's when I discovered homeschooling.  What a glorious adventure that was!  We were what is often called 'unschoolers'.  We didn't follow a curriculum, we followed our interests and our passions.  The amazing people we met and the fun times we had led us to believe that learning and fun go best together.  

Very early on our homeschooling path we discovered 4-H.  Along with some other moms, I started a 4-H Cloverbud (5 to 8 year olds) club for homeschoolers.  From there we just became more and more involved.  We moved on to a regular 4-H club and I soon became the Lead Advisor of that club.  We became involved in horses and for many years I have helped run the county horse program.  Then I  found myself in charge of the county dog program.

Now, added to all those things, I am in charge of the yearly rulebook updates, the awards for the Hamilton County Community Fair, and our county project judging for fair.

Even though our years of officially homeschooling are over, I still stay busy doing many of the same things I've done for the past 25 years.

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