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What We Believe








-  Each child has unique gifts to share with the world.

-  Kids need time and space to find their strengths.

-  Kids need time to explore outside, get dirty, and use their imaginations.

-  Kids need adults who help them learn they are powerful, strong, respected, and they have a voice. 

-  Kids need a space where they believe their ideas are heard and where they feel safe sharing their ideas.

-  Kids need opportunities to explore & make connections with the natural world around them.

-  Kids need a place where they get the chance to be the expert.

Kids need a place they can feel accepted no matter what makes them different.

-  Learning to work with animals instills confidence and responsibility; and teaches determination and patience.

-  Keeping classes small ensures everyone gets attention and can get to know everyone else.

-  Kids need a sense of community and of belonging.

-  Strong family connections create strong youth.

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