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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your age limits strictly enforced?
    That depends on the program. Homeschool Classes - These age limits are flexible by about a year, although 5-year-olds in the class for ages 6 - 12 often struggle. If you would like to register a child outside of the age limits, please contact us first so we can make sure you are not wasting your money. You can reach us at Summer Camp - The lower age limits are firm. Please do not register a child outside the stated lower age limit. If you do, we will refund your money minus the fees we have to pay for the transaction. Horse Fun! Classes - The lower age of 4 for the Level 1 class is firm. Other ages may be flexible but please contact us first at If you register a child who is younger than 4, we will refund your money minus the fees we have to pay for the transaction.
  • What shoes should my child wear?
    That depends on the weather. We seem to always find water so just assume your child's feet will either need to dry quickly or will need to stay dry depending on the temperature. In warm weather, hiking sandals, water shoes, or crocs are best. Although some kids don't mind wet sneakers. In cooler weather, rubber boots are a good idea. This allows the kids to walk in water to the top of their boots but still stay warm and dry. In cold weather, insulated rubber boots are the best. If those are not available, some kids do fine wearing rubber boots with warm socks. Snow boots can also be worn but these are not waterproof (they are not designed for walking through water) so bring along extra socks & shoes and plan to dry out the boots between classes.
  • What clothes should my child wear?
    Clothes that you don't care if they get dirty. Please try to talk them out of wearing their favorite shirt, shoes, etc. We are exploring in woods and creeks, no matter the weather. We get dirty! Also, dress for the weather. This is especially important as it gets colder. Layers are good. Bringing extra clothes, including sweatshirts and jackets, is a good idea. For winter weather dressing tips, please see our Resources page.
  • What do you do if it rains?
    In light or moderate rain, we stay outside. We do have an indoor space available in the case of heavy rain or storms. If the forecast looks like rain, bring a raincoat, if available.
  • Are there bathrooms available?
    Yes, we do have access to indoor bathrooms. However, we are not always close to these bathrooms. If we are out exploring and a child needs to go, we utilize the woods. We do carry toilet paper.
Kids playing in creek
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